How to prepare an article for publication

  • First of all, the work can be constructed from the review, research publication, short notice of at least 5 pages, debatable message, material of (reworked) doctorate thesis, report.
  • Secondly, the title should be correctly presented: it has to be capacious, accurate, short and reflect the main idea of the article.
  • Thirdly, don't forget about the abstract - short, general information about the article, which contains the main idea of the article; (goals and plans, purpose and application. The result of the analysis should be at the end of the article etc.).
  • Fourthly, edit your article: eliminate extra spaces, lines, correct any mistakes. All the texts (even poems) must be in the same column.
    If you are using markers to transfer, it can only be a «–», the use of stars, firs, flowers are not allowed.
    Graphic objects, created in a text editor Word, should be grouped together. Illustrations of jpg, gif, png formats must be clear and easily reproducible.
  • Fifthly, tables and charts should be as generalized research materials. Drawings must be clear and easily reproducible. It is better to use normal execution as a text for a simple enumeration of facts or information. Tables, charts, figures and formulas should not be out the field of the main text.

If difficulties arise, our staff will help "bring" your articles to publication. We will become a reliable "publication service" for you and refine your material to the required level (anti-plagiarism, citation, etc.).